P Fresh Kitchen Fundraisers

We want to help you raise funds for your school / non-profit by pre-selling dinner meal packs to your supporters. It’s an easy, convenient, and tasty way to raise funds!

So how does it work?
Decide on a date. We typically prefer to deliver meals on Tuesday’s at this time.

Pick your Dinner. Once you decide on what dinner you would like to offer your supporters, we will supply you with personalized order sheets to send out for them to collect orders. They will be able to select from 3 different sizes. Packs to feed 3-4 people, 5-6 people, and 7-8 people. We can also create Vegan meals for you to offer as well!

Collect the orders and payment. Once the date to collect orders has arrived, input the orders into the shared spreadsheet that we provide to you. We can then see the orders in real time and know how many of each meal kit to provide.

Delivery Day. We will deliver the meals at 2 pm on your day, packaged together in a bundle for quick pick up by each supporter. You just need to have an area to store them and a couple of volunteers to help pass them out. The bags will include cooking instructions for meals that need finished in the oven.

After the event you just send in 80% of what you have collected and the other 20% goes to help your cause!